Elizabeth Dalloway: Character Analysis in Mrs. Dalloway

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      Elizabeth Dalloway was the young daughter of Richard Dalloway and Clarissa Dalloway. She was a beautiful girl but unlike Dalloway's dark and had Chinese eyes on a pleasant pale face. She was gentle, considerate and appeared like an oriental mystery. Mrs. Clarissa, her mother, wanted to mold her in her own image-liking parties, pomp and pelf of wealthy family. But Elizabeth Dalloway did not like all that.

      Miss Elizabeth Dalloway was very much under the influence of Miss Doris Kilman, her tutoress. Young men did not appeal her. She was more inclined to religion.

      Elizabeth was a teenager and full of life. People compared her with early dawn, fawns, running water and garden lilies. She had her opinion that young men were silly; and she compared them with popular trees and hyacinths.

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