Lord Jim: Chapter 40 - Summary & Analysis

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Brown's Policy to be the Ruler of Patusan


      Brown kept Kassim on tenter hooks to take time because he wanted to meet Jim, such a powerful figure in Patusan. He thought to establish some kind of understanding with Jim who was also an Englishman like them. Then he could easily overpower Jim and become a powerful ruler there. After laying aside Jim, he could deal with Rajah Allang; and being a ruthless and unscrupulous man, he found it easy to perform the task, He was used to calling himself scourge of God. While deliberating upon the situation, he saw a man leisurely walking at a distance. Suddenly, Brown ordered to shoot him and the next moment, the man was lying dead there. He did it simply to terrify the local men. After a few moments, Brown's man was shot and wounded from the other side, Brown found it very risky to carry that wounded man to a safe place and after a whole night's groaning, he was swept away by the tide. He was shot by the close relative of that man who was killed at the order of Brown.

      After that, they heard the beat of drum and the roar of the public; Cornelius informed Brown that Jim was back and the men of Patusan were greeting him, they Were impatiently waiting for him during such a crisis.

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