A Passage To India: Part 2 Chapter 27 - Summary & Analysis

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      The celebrations at the home of the Nawab (now Mr. Zulfiqar) was over and the guests were preparing to retire for the night. Aziz unfolded his plans of holidaying in Persia with the money which was to be paid by Adela as damages to him. Fielding pleaded for Adela and requested Aziz to be generous and chivalrous like the Mugal Emperors but Aziz was adamant. He was now firmly anti-British and had a plan to leave Chandrapore forever and reside and serve in some Moslem state. On Fielding's constant pleadings, Aziz assured him that he would consult Mrs. Moore as she would give him the right advice.

      Fielding could not understand Aziz's trust in a lady who did nothing to save him. Unable to bear any more strain he broke the news of Mrs. Moore's death. Hamidullah at once interrupted and said that Fielding was joking and Aziz felt the same.

Critical Analysis

      Aziz could not prepare himself to pardon Adels. He showed more faith in Mrs. Moore than in Fielding who had taken his side and pleaded his case forcefully, annoying every British official in Chandiapore. In this chapter, Mrs. Moore has been represented as the spirit of truth that attracts; and speaks and lives forever.

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