A Passage To India: Part 2 Chapter 26 - Summary & Analysis

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      Fielding did not show any interest in Adela's explanation but when she described her state of mind before and after the tragic incident, he showed some interest in what she had to say. They discussed the whole affair. Fielding remarked that nothing serious had happened and. that she might have suffered from some hallucination in the cave.

      Hamidullah arrived to take Fielding to the celebration which has to be held at the Nawab's place. Hamidullah was furious with the explanation offered by Miss Adela Quested, who, in his eyes, had mused enough trouble and botheration already. Hamidullah did not think it proper on the part of Fielding to have made himself responsible for her safety.

      Meanwhile, Ronny had arrived with the news that his mother Mrs. Moore had died on the sea. Fielding and Hamidullah expressed their regret but were not upset as they knew little of her. They agreed not to tell Aziz about it until the next day as it would spoil the celebrations. Hamidullah looked upon Mrs. Moore's death as a punishment for Ronny who had smuggled her out to obliterate the evidence which would favor Aziz.

      Making the necessary arrangements for Adela’s safety at the college; Fielding, Hamidullah and Amrit Rao left for the celebrations. Amrit Rao suggested that Miss Adela Quested should pay twenty thousand rupees as compensation. Fielding was horrified at the thought that Adela should lose her money as well as her young man (Ronny).

Critical Analysis

      Fielding was the only good-hearted Englishman who had come to the rescue of Adela Quested who was deserted by her community because she had refused to toe the line blindly. The Indians, however, were very happy over the small victory they had won, but every small victory to them, was a milestone on the road to nationalism.

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