Oliver Twist: Chapter 45 - Summary & Analysis

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Noah Clavpole Employed by Fagin on a Secret Mission.


Mr. Bolter to Spy upon Nancy's Activities

      Fagin failed to keep Nancy aside. He felt the need of using some clever device in order to catch hold of Nancy. Fagin now made a plan and decided to use Bolter for this specific purpose. He told Bolter to watch the movements of Nancy. He lured Bolter by offering him one pound for this target. Fagin gave Noah all the essential information about Nancy. His task was to pursue Nancy and watch her activities on a particular day and to find out what kind of people she met and which places that she visited.

      Next Sunday Fagin took Mr. Bolter to The Three Cripples. This was the same public house where Mr. Bolter had arrived with Charlotte after running away from Mr. Sowerberry and committing theft. Fagin had stealthily pointed out a girl Nancy who was standing at the back of glass pane. Fagin asked Bolter to look at the girl minutely so that he could not fail to recognize her ever again. Mr. Bolter saw the girl and assured Fagin that he would never forget this lady. Whenever he would to see her he did not fail to identify her face. Fagin told him that the girl would soon go out and he had to follow the girl and watch her movements. It was Sunday, eleven o'clock at night.

Critical Analysis

      Mr. Bolter (Noah Claypole) is given the assignment to spy upon Nancy's activities. Fagin told him to put a constant watch over Nancy's activities. What kind of persons she meets with, what she talks, whom she talks, where she goes etc.

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