Oliver Twist: Chapter 44 - Summary & Analysis

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The Time Arrives for Nancy to Redeem Her Pledge to Rose Maylie. She fails.


Nancy, very much Restless after disclosing Secrets to Rose

      Nancy was much restless. Although she had not betrayed either Sikes or Fagin yet she was scared because the information which she had given to Mr. Brownlow and Rose might lead them to disaster. At that time both Fagin and Sikes would hold her responsible for anything occurring against because she knew their secrets and could be easily fallen under their suspicion that she had informed the police or someone about them. Thus, Nancy was badly mentally-tormented. It weighted her mind so much that she became pale and weak within a few days.

Nancy Beaten by Sikes

      One Sunday night at eleven o'clock Nancy got prepared to go out. Sikes asked where was she going? Fagin was also there at that time. Nancy answered that she was not going too far. Sikes asked about the place where was she going? Nancy replied she herself did not know. Thereupon Sikes told her to sit down and not to go anywhere outside but Nancy insisted upon going. Seeing her obduracy and obstinacy Sikes caught hold of her and gave her a good thrash. Fagin agreed with Sikes when Sikes said that the girl was very stubborn and obstinate.

Fagin's Effort to make Nancy Join Him

      When Fagin got ready to go back to his house Sikes ordered Nancy to show light to Fagin so that he would not stumble on the stairs. Nancy picked up a candle and went with Fagin. At the door, Fagin said to Nancy that Sikes was ill-treating her and she should not bear any kind of his torture. Then he offered her to join his group and leave Sikes' residence. Nancy answered that she knew Fagin very well and she would entertain no thought of leaving Sikes. Thereafter Fagin left the door but all the way he kept on thinking to get Nancy in his own gang.

Critical Analysis

      Sikes and Fagin do not like each other but they are forced by circumstance to work in collaboration. Sikes always treats Fagin with contempt but Fagin is more devilish than Sikes. He is very cunning though Sikes is inhuman.

      Monks' hostility toward Oliver becomes more complicated with the enmity between Sikes and Fagin. Fagin is a bond between Sikes and Monks.

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