Oliver Twist: Chapter 42 - Summary & Analysis

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An Old Acquaintance of Oliver's Exhibiting Decided Marks of Genins, becomes a Public Character in the Metropolis.


Noah and Charlotte in the London

      The night when Nancy had gone to meet Miss Rose Maylie two persons were traveling on the road to London. They were Noah Claypole and Charlotte, they were the trustworthy servants of Mr. and Mrs. Sowerberry. But now they were running away to London after stealing money from their master's lockers. They were going to London because this city was known to be full of opportunities or bright prospects.

Charlotte seemed to be Patronized by Noah

      Noah and Charlotte loved each other very much and now Noah treated Charlotte in a condescending manner. Charlotte was a submissive kind of girl who had no problem when Noah talked to her as somebody superior was talking to his subordinate. It was all Noah's decision to rob the money and go to London. Charlotte did not dare to go against him.

      When they reached London first Noah and Charlotte stepped into a public house called The Three Cripples in order to stay there temporarily. As we know this public house was haunted by the criminals like Fagin and Sikes here, Fagin saw Noah and Charlotte, they seemed to him strangers and fresh comers into London. Thus Fagin made up his mind to involve them in his profession of especially in robbery and stealing.

Noah Joined Fagin

      Now Fagin spoke to Noah in such a persuasive manner that Noah agreed to join him though all the time Noah pretended to show himself not a fool but he wanted to strike a hard bargain. But we know Fagin also was not a fool. Thus it was decided that Noah would join Fagin's group. Noah told his name Mr. Morris Bolter and Charlotte's Mrs. Bolter in order to disguise their real identity.

Critical Analysis

      Again a link is made between the workhouse and the city through the migration of Noah Claypole and Charlotte to London.

      Noah again comes out as a coward. Earlier, he appeared as a coward when Oliver had given him a good thrash when he had abused Oliver's mother. He suggests Charlotte to carry the money stolen from the Sowerberry's locker because in case any emergency arises he can easily blame Charlotte and save himself.

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