Oliver Twist: Chapter 41 - Summary & Analysis

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Containing Fresh Discoveries and Showing that Surprises, Like Misfortunes, Seldom Come Alone.


Rose decided to Write Harry for help

      Rose Maylie was moved by Nancy's words and manners. She was too anxious to protect Oliver from the hands of Monks. She also wanted to rescue Nancy from the criminal fellows for whom she was compelled to work. Rose and her aunt were there to stay in that hotel in London only for three days. It was Rose's first night when Nancy had met her. Thus, Rose had only forty-eight hours to take the necessary steps in order to save Oliver from lurking into danger. Dr. Losberne was also with them but though he was intelligent and a great genius yet Rose knew it very well that he was a rash kind of fellow. Thus she decided not to take his help. Rose did not want to disturb her aunt by revealing what Nancy had said to her. Rose, therefore, decided to write an urgent letter to Harry and to request him to help her in her troubles. (Harry was Mrs. Maylie's son and was living in London)

Oliver saw Mr. Brownlow

      When Rose was about to pick up her pen in order to write a message to Harry, Oliver got in the room breathlessly. Rose asked him about the matter. He said that he had seen Mr. Brownlow when he was walking through the streets. Mr. Brownlow came out of a coach and entered a house. Oliver said that he had noted down the address of that house and was very keen to meet Mr. Brownlow and explain him why he had failed to return to him.

Mr. Brownlow felt Happy to Hear Rose's Account of Oliver's Story

      Rose now got up to meet Mr. Brownlow. She and Oliver entered a carriage and drove to the address which was noted down by Oliver. Having reached the house Rose asked Oliver to wait in the carriage till she called him. Then after, she went into the house and met Mr. Brownlow. Mr. Grimwig was also there. Rose told everything in detail how Oliver had been caught by a girl Nancy who dragged him to the den of criminals though she had just carried out the instructions given to her. Rose said that Oliver should not be suspected, he was innocent and honest with a loving heart and noble nature. Now Brownlow; understood everything why had not Oliver come back to him. He realized that he was right in judging the original character of Oliver and Mr. Grimwig was wrong in his examination of Oliver's nature. Mr. Brownlow said that Rose’s account of Oliver made him very happy and brought peace to his mind and soul.

Oliver, very much Delighted to Meet Mr. Brownlow and Mrs. Bedwin

      Now Oliver was called to get into the house. Mr. Brownlow felt happy to see Oliver while Oliver was just overfilled with the feeling of gratitude towards him who had been very kind, generous and merciful to him. Now, Mr. Brownlow called Mrs. Bedwin because he knew it that she would be greatly delighted to see Oliver. Mrs. Bedwin embraced Oliver on seeing him and exclaimed that God was very kind. Oliver too became very glad to meet that lady who had attended upon him during his illness and brought him back to his consciousness when he was faint and severely injured and taken to the house of Mr. Brownlow from the court-room where he, was charged for stealing a handkerchief from Mr. Brownlow's pocket.

Mr. Brownlow's Opinion on Protecting Oliver

      Now there was a question of protecting Oliver from the ill-schemes of Monks. Rose told Mr. Brownlow everything what Nancy had told her that midnight. It was decided by them to take the help of Dr. Losberne also. Mrs. May lie and Dr. Losberne were already told about the danger. Dr. Losberne suggested to report everything to police. But Mr. Brownlow did not favor him. He wanted to proceed in the matter very carefully and cautiously so that criminals could not come to know that they were hatching something against them (criminals). He said that their main concern would be to discover the parentage of Oliver and made him to acquire his property which was entitled to him but suspected to be snatched by Monks. He also said that the name of Nancy should be kept secret as far as possible and Fagin, Sikes, Monks and their group should be exposed to justice without any harm done to Nancy.

Decision to Contact Nancy in order to Gain More Information

      Then after it was decided that their first step would be to meet Nancy and persuade her to tell about Monks' places where he could be caught, or made her to tell them how to recognize Monks. They also decided to hide everything from Oliver. Harry and Mr. Grim wig were also called to join them in this expedition. Mrs. Maylie assured to offer them her full support and money to make their plan successful and save Oliver.

Critical Analysis

      The meeting of Oliver and Mrs. Bedwin is graphically presented. The entire scene is charged with emotion but it is not overbrimmed. The meeting of Mr. Brownlow and Oliver is not elaborately described. It proves very effective because equal treatment of similar emotional scenes would seem odd and monotonous.

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