Oliver Twist: Chapter 25 - Summary & Analysis

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Wherein this History reverts to Mr. Fagin and Company Tom Chitling and Betsy's Love Affair.


      Mr. Fagin was sitting in his den and behind him, near the table were sitting Dodger, Bates and Tom. They were playing some game of cards. During their conversation, Bates said that Tom Chitling loved Betsy. On hearing it Fagin said that Betsy was a good girl and Tom should stick to her. He should not do anything against Betsy. He must do his best to please Betsy. Tom Chitling said that he was doing the same. He would never leave Betsy. He continued that only for Betsy, he acted upon her instruction and had been captured by the police and been sentenced to imprisonment with hard labor for forty-two days.

Fagin Alarmed on Hearing the Account of Robbery

      Toby Cracket now appeared there, Fagin got surprised to see him all alone. He was expected to be there with Sikes and Oliver Twist because all of the three had gone for robbery. Toby first asked to have something in order to gratify his thirst and hunger, then he started to state what happened with them. He said that all had fled from the house which was their target to burgle. They were chased by the inmates and dogs of that house. Oliver had got hurt by a shot. Thus they thought it better to leave Oliver in a ditch of a field. Then, Toby and Sikes had gone in different directions to save themselves. Fagin, after hearing this report shrieked loudly and rushed out of the house. He felt much disturbed after hearing their failure. He assumed that Oliver might have fallen into the hands of his chasers and might have told them about him and his criminal activities. Fagin was terribly scared of being traced by the police on the basis of Oliver's information that he might have given his chasers or police who had caught hold of him.

Critical Analysis

      In this chapter Tom Chitling's love for Betsy is discussed.

      Fagin again sinks into terror and fear when Toby Crackit comes to inform him that they have not succeeded in robbery and Oliver is left into a ditch of a field because the servant of that house has fired upon him. Fagin thinks that police or those pursuers may catch hold of Oliver and he will tell them about Fagin's criminal activities.

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