Oliver Twist: Chapter 24 - Summary & Analysis

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Treats of a Very Poor Subject. But is a Short one, and maybe found of Importance in this History.


      Mrs. Corney now entered a room where old Sally was dying. The physician's apprentice who was called there by paupers to attend upon old Sally, told Mrs. Corney that old Sally was about to die. After that, he went away. When old Sally was informed that Mrs. Corney was standing close to her, she raised herself on the bed and told that she wanted Mrs. Corney to be all alone. Mrs. Corney sent away the two old paupers who had been taking care of old Sally, though these women did not want to leave and they also were willing to know about the secret

      Now old Sally disclosed a secret to Mrs. Corney which she had kept to herself for many years. She said that she had robbed the mother of Oliver Twist who came in the workhouse to deliver the child. She further said, she had robbed the gold trinket from the neck of Oliver Twist's mother when she was taking her last breath and not yet died. She said that if the attendants of the workhouse had known that the woman had gold ornament, they would have perhaps tried to save her life. It meant there was the possibility of woman's survival, if proper attention had been paid to her. Old Sally struggled to say something more but expired. When Mrs. Corney tried to withdraw her hand from the hold of old Sally, she found a scrap of paper which Mrs. Corney took to herself.

Critical Analysis

      The scene of old Sally's death is very much dramatic. Only after this scene readers come to know that she was present at the death of the mother of Oliver and has some secret information to reveal.

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