Noah Claypole: Character Analysis in Oliver Twist

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Noah Claypole: A Charity Boy

      Noah Claypole is a charity boy and servant of Mr. Sowerberry. He is elder to Oliver and he considers himself superior to him because his parentage is known, and Oliver is an orphan. His personality is described by the novelist in the following lines: 'large headed, small-eyed, of lumbering, make and heavy countenance'. He stands out as a boy really fond of eating. In the house of Mr. Sowerberry, he is first presented as having a feast of bacon and later drinking wine and eating oysters. Charlotte, his beloved feels quite happy to see him eating oysters.

"What a delicious thing is a oyster !" remarked Mr. Claypole, after he had swallowed it. "What a pity it is, a number of 'em should make you feel uncomfortable; isn't it, Charlotte?"

"It is quite a cruelty", said Charlotte.
"So, it is,” acquiesced Mr. Claypole. "Avit yer fond of oysters ?"
"Not overmuch," replied Charlotte. I like to see you eat'em, Noah, dear, better than eating’em myself."
"Lor," said Noah Claypole respectively; "How queer!"

      When he starts working for Fagin, he says that he should not be asked to do anything till he has done eating.

Noah's Attitude Towards Oliver

      As we see that Mr. Bumble is a bully but timid-hearted also, so with Noah Claypole. When Oliver catches hold of his throat and beats him violently he starts shouting for help. When Charlotte suggests that they should inform police officers, he says that they should rather call military. Later on, he says to Fagin in 'London that he would like to do that work - "something not to trying for the strength, and not very dangerous, you know." He makes Charlotte to carry the stolen money. He also has given her a big bundle and himself walks without any luggage.

Noah: A Police Informer

      Towards the end of the novel Noah Claypole becomes a police informer. He is given reprieve for betraying Fagin. Later, he takes it as his profession and Charlotte becomes his assistant as she was from the very beginning.

Conclusion-Noah: A Victim

      'Despite all Noah's delinquent qualities, he ranks not with the villains in Dickens' gallery, but with the victims. He is simply a typical product of the whole system Dickens was attacking and he ends up as the most despised servant of that system for, having turned king's evidence against Fagin, he finally goes into business as an informer.

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