Mrs. Bumble: Character Analysis in Oliver Twist

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Her Role in the Novel

      The role of Mrs. Corney (Mrs. Bumble) is not of very much importance but through her, Dickens has presented the mismanagement of the workhouses of contemporary times. It is through her that Monks, ! the villain, obtains the gold locket that was given to her by the dying nurse who had attended upon the Oliver's mother at the time of delivering the child. Monks throw that locket into the current of river intending to destroy the evidence of Oliver's parentage. At certain points Mrs. Bumble makes the readers laugh.

A Ruthless, Shrewd and Avaricious Lady

      Mrs. Bumble is very merciless and callous towards the poor paupers and orphans whose charge is given to her. When she receives a message from a dying woman Sally to come immediately and listen some secret, Mrs. Corney feels upset because she was enjoying the company of visitor Mrs. Bumble. When it is reported to her that old Sally is taking her last breath, she says that she has no concern if she is sinking fast because he can not alive the dying woman. But subsequently, she goes to listen to her. Old Sally gives her a piece of paper. Through this paper she gets a gold locket from a pawn-broker that contains a wedding ring of Oliver's mother and her name 'Agnes' is engraved on it. Later in the novel, Mrs. Corney gives this locket to Monks who wants to destroy all the evidences that can disclose Oliver's parentage. In return, she receives twenty-five pounds from Monks and thus proves herself mercenary like her husband. She is much shrewd also, she scolds Mr. Bumble all the time.

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