The Portrait of a Lady: Chapter 44 - Summary & Analysis

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Chapter XLIV


      Countess Gemini, who pines for Rome and its, pleasures receives a long-overdue invitation from her brother to come to Rome. A few days before the Countess’s departure Henrietta visits her. The Countess insinuates that all is not correct in Isabel’s, relations with Lord Warburton but of course can not supply any details. Hearing this Henrietta resolves to travel to Rome at once.

     Later, she meets Caspar Goodwood who has been staying in Paris for two months, and has now come to Florence. Henrietta manoeuvers Goodwood to travel to Rome with her.

Critical Analysis

      This chapter lightly touches upon the - ‘‘international situation” in Goodwood’s dislike of the European trains, and his American chivalry in deciding to travel with Henrietta as a lady should not be allowed to travel alone.

      A remark in this chapter emphasizes one attribute of Isabel which has not always been made obvious—whatever else might, happen to her, she is always possessed of friends who do their best to make her happy.

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