The Portrait of a Lady: Chapter 43 - Summary & Analysis

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Chapter XLIII


      Three nights after her night-long meditation over her situation, Isabel look Pansy to a great dance party. At the
party they met Rosier whom Pansy on his requesting her refused to dance with because her father had forbidden her to do so. He did not dance at all as a protest. At the party Isabel also met Lord Warburton and discussed his love for Pansy. She was quite sceptical of his love for her step-daughter and gave an expression of her own, uneasiness and fear. Yet she wished Lord Warburton to marry Pansy. And with this her meeting ended. In passing back into the ball-room, she found Rosier still planted in the doorway. She stopped and told him she would do what she could for him. An hour later she left the party with Pansy. Lord Warburton was present at their departure when Isabel said: “Don’t forget to send your letter to her father”.

Critical Analysis

      Isabel knows that Pansy and Rosier are in love and decides to help them as much as she can. She is quick to detect Warburton’s sustained interest in herself and wants to discourage him.

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