Will Honey Comb: Character Analysis in The Spectator Club

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      After the introduction of Captain Sentry in the essay Of The Club there's appeared among them a bold man Will Honey Comb, a gentleman who always had a very easy fortune. Though he was an aged person but time had made out very little impression either by wrinkles on his forehead or traces in his brain. He was of a good height and he was always prepared at that sort of discourse with which man usually entertained women. Will Honey Comb could smile when one spoke to him and he had the heart to laugh easily. He knew the history of every mode and manner of the country, and at the same time good inform one from which of the French King's favourite wife and daughter have the habit of curling their hair style or other dress codes.

Will Honey Comb, a gentleman who always had a very easy fortune.
Will Honeycomb

      Will Honeycomb has great sense of dressing and was well conversant with the history of each and every fashion that reside in the vogue in England's fashion house. He was always been interested in the matter concerning towards women. In his conventions most of his talking covers the topic regarding feminine aspect, especially on womanly dresses, their fashions and their manners. He had a good knowledge of history. He could tell that the hairstyles or hats of recent time resemble to which period of time.

      In a word all his conversation and knowledge where confined to the female world. Will Honey Comb was always preferred by women and always he received side glances, blow of a fan from some celebrated beauty. His way of talking very much enlivened the conversation among the talkers. He by his fun loving nature always able to attract the attention of others towards him. And finally at the end of the essay Richard Steele has given a touch of irony which comes very close to the stroke of satire. Richard Steele said that except when the women are not concerned then and Will Honey Comb undoubtedly appears fine plotted man.

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