Captain Sentry: Character Analysis in The Spectator Club

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      In the essay Spectator Club we are introduced to Captain Sentry, gentlemen of great courage, good understanding and invincible modesty. Captains Sentry was one of those persons who very well deserves the praise of others, but he never got the opportunity to reveal his qualities and talent. He was a Captain for some year in military, behaved himself with a great gallantry in several engagements. He was frank in speaking regard the weaknesses of his officers and colleagues. This frank behaviour was a part of his characteristic nature. Though he commanded many soldiers in military, he was never haughty or never became a groveller, although he obeyed his superiors.

Captain Sentry, gentlemen of great courage, good understanding and invincible modesty.
Captain Sentry

      We had a small state of his own and to him soldering matters the most. He was the next successor to the Sir Roger and he sometimes lamented that in a profession were merit is placed in so obvious view, impudence should get the better of modesty. According to him a strict honesty and even a regular behaviour are always obstacles in themselves.

      Captain Sentry thought that if any man of great mind with agree to help him then he has to break many obstacles to come to him as he himself has to overcome. Captain Sentry has the opinion that the man and who would make a figure of himself particularly in a military way then he must get rid of all the false modesty. According to him it is always as civil cowardice to be backward in ascertain who one ought to aspect. The military port of his life had furnished him with many ups and downs and adventures and he remained always very agreeable to the company. Ideas of a military life has moulded the captains ideas and opinions which forces him to live a satisfied life.

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