What is Chorus? Discuss the role of Chorus in Dr Faustus.

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      Chorus is an ancient Greek drama that was an essential feature consisting of a trained band of dancing singers who served several useful purposes. A single artist plays a different role without being confined to one characteristic in dramatic plays. They used to chant lyric poetry thereby helping to relieve the intensity of the tragic tension. It also served the vital role to suggest the various movement of a play commenting on characters, action of the play and broad to the knowledge of the audience, incident that happens off stage. The structure and tone of the Chorus providing an illustration, on the connection between audience and what was performed on stage. Dramatic shifts allow the plot construction of the play more effective to control the entire mood of the play.

Chorus is ancient Greek drama was an essential feature consisted of a trained band of dancing singers who served several useful purposes.
Chorus in Dr. Faustus

      In Dr. Faustus we find the Chorus appearing four times - beginning of the play, between act 2 and act 3 and act 4 and finally at the end of the play. It is through Chorus we are informed that Christopher Marlowe has no intention of singing great victorious deeds or royal affairs for great adventures. The first Chorus thus served the role of a prologue. It tells us about the early life of Faustus which concerns the good and bad fortune of in his life.

      "Only this gentleman we must performed.
The form of Dr. Faustus's fortune good or bad... "

      Then the Chorus appears for the second time in the beginning of the third Act telling us about the exploits of Dr. Faustus during his period of immense adventure undertaken in various countries. Chorus tells us that Mephistopheles carries him in to the skies, knowing about the of siersts planets and various other heavenly bodies.

      "He views the clouds the planets and the stars.
The Tropic zones quarters of the sky..."

      The Chorus appears again at the beginning of the Act four and there has been time gap whereby the Chorus once more informs then Dr. Faustus has acquired status of a great performance of magics. And his fame has spread far and wide so much so that he has been invited to the place of Charles V. After returning from the royal court of king, he invented his friend and scholar in his home to tell them about his glorious meeting.

      "Charles the fifth, at the place now.
Dr. Faustus is feast amongst his noble men..."

      The Chorus appears for the last time at the very end of the play. And then in keeping with the convention of miracle and morality plays draws a moral from the meteorite rise. And the most tragic and horrible end of Dr. Faustus and points it out to the audience through the mournful monologue of the closing lines.

      "Dr. Faustus is gone, regard his hellish fall.
Whose fienful fortune exhort the wise.
Only to wonder at unlawful things..."

      In this way the Chorus helps us to highlight the entire tragical history of the life of a brilliant scholar who wanted his precious times in practicing necromancy. Undoubtedly Chorus provide a great interaction with audience in the play of Faustus.

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