Mephistopheles: Character Analysis in Dr. Faustus

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      In the tragedy, Mephistopheles is the great Lieutenant of the Great the prince of hell who provoked Dr Faustus to become a great black magician.
In the tragedy, Mephistopheles is the great Lieutenant of the Great the prince of hell who provoked Dr Faustus to become a great black magician.
Dr Faustus (play)
      Mephistopheles has been introduced in the play Dr. Faustus as a lieutenant of Lucifer, the prince of hell. He is also fallen angel who associated himself with Satan's revolt against God. He is not such a villain, but one of the the supreme character of utmost importance. It is Mephistopheles who paved the way for the tragic damnation of Dr Faustus. He is that figure who tempt Dr Faustus away from the path of virtue. Due to the influence of the Mephistopheles, Dr Faustus has made up his mind to surrender his soul to the devil to gain limitless power and knowledge to live a life of complete luxury. For twenty four years Mephistopheles appears to be a very artful person to be and agent for Dr Faustus to meet him ultimate downfall. We find the artful Mephistopheles plain a double role in his relationship with Dr Faustus. When Dr Faustus is normal then Mephistopheles become his most trusted slave. It is again the same Mephistopheles who tries to satisfy his trust for black deeds and strongly enough, when Dr Faustus is found wavering between the thought of heaven and hell, thinking of prayer Mephistopheles acts like a cruel master to threaten Dr Faustus. This is how the character and the important function of Mephistopheles have been depicted in the tragedy.

      The word Renaissance means in general a rebirth or revival of learning the term is specifically applied to the wide cultural revival which marks the division between the dark age and the modern world. In history mediaeval age was known for its darkness, ignorance, black magic, superstitions, witchcraft, blind faith etc. During mediaeval times human being where always guided by the influence of supernatural activities and there was found a complete lack of knowledge and light. In Dr Faustus there was found a conflict between the mediaeval values and The Renaissance. Dr Faustus has the high spirit of the period and the much knowledge of various subject, which made him a man of light who represents truly the spirit of the renaissance.

      But even after getting use knowledge regarding everything Dr Faustus again goes back to the dark world of mediaeval times, which forces him to practice necromancy. A strictly prohibited in this way the conflict between the mediaeval and The Renaissance occurred in the drama.

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