Supernatural Element's : in The Play Rider To The Sea

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      Although the play Riders To The Sea is essentially considered a realistic play, it does have a number of supernatural elements. The sea possess natural element include in it's characteristics, have supernatural qualities in it's essence. They provide the one act play a peculiar atmosphere of mystery and thrill. As a realistic composition the play arouses in us a strong feeling of fear and dread. This feeling of fear and dread are intensified by the supernatural occurrences in the play.

Although the play Riders To The Sea is essentially considered a realistic play, it does have a number of supernatural elements.
Rider To The Sea

      Michael is second of the last son of Maurya who is firstly apprehended traceless and considered dead in the sea but after a point of time it reveals that Michael is no more alive dragged by the sea waves. It appears at the beginning of the story. There is a mystery surrounds the drawing of Michael and his burial has a supernatural significance. His body is found at a particular hour which is generally called a very odd supernatural hour, which makes the premonition that at some ominous thing is going to happen. It is believing that Michael's body was found at hour was the movement of dead souls, who wondered about at night and return to their Graves at dawn when the cocks grow.

      In the play a the black chief too a significant, for or in the mythology it is believed that the souls pass through a black region. Then and the ominous sins and fears of Maurya and the foul weather itself points to supernatural occurrences. When Maurya goes to give a pieces of bread to her son Bartley, then she sees Michael on the grey pony following Bartley red mare.

      Now this is a detonate instance of supernaturalism in the play because we know that Michael is already dead. When Maurya just watched the ghost of Michael a few moments after the dead body of Bartley has been brought into the home. Another supernatural element in the play is the reference to the holly water and the water does not appear to her holly at all as its seems to be some magical liquid, these are the supernatural elements found in the play.

      Conclusions: The exposure of the supernatural element provided an illustration as well as proof that the play Riders to the Sea has supernatural astonishment. The supernatural occurrences are the reflection of the heritage and lifestyles of the residents of Aran Islands that have been sensed by J.M. Synge. Some of the most indicative supernatural happening in the play are the enigma of Michael's burial, Maurya's efficiency as a protagonist to see things associate with the supernatural powers, Maurya's  intuitive sense toward prediction, the illustration of holy water and the title given by Synge. The supernatural phenomena are general in use of literary works to give sensation to the readers or audience.

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