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      Maurya is an outstanding creation of John Millington Synge, who is the central character and the protagonist of the play Rider To The Sea. Though the play has many characters but the whole story moves around her, telling the tragic tale of her past. Maurya's entire life has been one of the long drown-out suffering, however her extra ordinary courage to endure them in superb.

Maurya is an outstanding creation of John Millington Synge

      As a mother Maurya is the witness of many deaths in her family and inspite of her extreme uninterrupted suffering her fate in the Almighty never shakes. Maurya passively bears the sufferings made on her by the monstrous and violent sea. She is an unfortunate mother who has earlier lost her husband faced too much complexities and complications in the upbringing of her children, yet from the very beginning we come to realise that Maurya remind praying and caring for her children. Thus Har personal anxieties and sufferings become universalized which intensifies the tragic predicament of the the fisher folk. She can sacrifices her huge treasure for her children and the welfare of her family members. And she makes the point of her children her own.

      In the Supernatural story Rider to the Sea Maurya's entire life has been a continuous series of calamities and one after the other, she has lost her family members when her last hope Bartley decides to go to the sea, then Maurya very clearly understands that at anyhow he will not return. She feels "He is gone now and when the black night is falling I will have no son left me in the world". But Maurya not only shows an extraordinary courage to bears the sufferings but with the passage of time she rises above her personal anxieties and percepts the higher truth of life.

      Thus her entire life becomes as a tragic story of bereavement, which is devoid of joys and ecstatic, we see the protagonist who is a poor window lost her the five sons and husband but it is the same lady who has reached the level of a true heroine, after reconciling with the fate, ultimately after so many deaths and bereavement the mother Maurya achieves the status of a universal suffering mother. The Rider to the Sea as a One Act Play bring fascinating strength of mother nature in the story.

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