What Picture of Satan found in Paradise Lost Book 1

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      The image of Satan is one of the greatest creations in English literature. Satan has also been portrayed as a personification of evil. There is no doubt that in book 1 Milton has endured Satan with certain attributes which are worthy of epic heroes. Satan's huge physical dimensions and the size of the weapons he carries make him out as a kind of grand epic hero. His limbs are long and large, his bulk is a huge as that of the Titans, or that of the sea beast Leviathan. He carries a hand massy and large Shield hung on his shoulder which is compared to the surface of the moon. Satan's spear is so big that the tallest pine tree would be but a small stick by comparison.

Satan has also been portrayed as a personification of evil.
Satan in Paradise Lost

      In book 1 of Paradise Lost, Satan gives evidence of undoubted qualities of leadership, his words at once infuse a new courage among the fallen angels. The grand speeches which shows him almost a kind of great rival to the Almighty. It is through Satan's qualities of leadership that all the fallen angels recover lost strength and courage. At one point of time even when Satan speech the words come out of his mouth choked by his tears. He appears here to be almost a tragic hero.

      Satan's ambition was the greatest and his punishment was also the most dangerous. His strength of mind is matchless as his strength of body. Satan's power of action and of suffering is equal. He is the greatest power that has been given overthrown with the strongest will left to resist or to endure. Thus in book 1 we experience mingled feelings of admiration and repulsion, and we find Satan is a blend of the noble, the ignoble, the exalted and the mean, the great and the low.

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