The Grand Style of Milton in Paradise Lost Book 1

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      Milton's poetic style in Paradise Lost has justly been described as a Grand Style. It is such as poetic style that on account of the greatness of a conception, the exercise of a rich imagination employment of dignified words arranged in an impressive order, at once produces the impression of loftiness enormity and sublimity in the readers mind. The style of Paradise Lost book 1 is far removed from a style based on the conversation of common people and it is completely divorced from the common speech of common people.

Milton's poetic style in Paradise Lost has justly been described as a Grand Style
Grand Style

      One of the most striking ingredients of Milton's style in Paradise Lost book 1 is the long complex involved sentences of which the readers may get lost, but which when understood producers in him an effort of wonder, amazement and admiration. The essential quality of Milton's Grand Style, its extreme allusiveness contributes in making his style richer then others. He explodes all the treasures of poetry and learning for his use of myth and legend, historical literary and scientific facts along with classical and Biblical allusions. Then there are the great epic similes of Milton go beyond the strict requirements of showing similarity between things.

      All those produce loftiness in his poetic style. The stylistic excellence of Milton is also found in his use of proper names for person and places such as Moloch, Chemos, Damascus, Abbana, Argob etc. And finally the vital elements which make Million's style Grand in his handling of black verse, which truly creates the sense of elevation among the readers. In this way his poetic style reaches to the level of excellence in such an extent that his style has justly been considered Grand.

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