W.B Yeats Prayer to The Sage in Sailing to Byzantium

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      W.B Yeats addresses all the sages standing in God's holy fire...... and be the singing masters of my soul. His prayer to the sages becomes a passionate appeal to them in order to make himself liberated from the moral bandage of animal impulses. He wants that all the sages should bless him along with the other citizens from the attainment of batter generation, an enlightened newly awakened masses. The sages will free him from the animal instances whereby poet is sick with physical desires.

W.B Years prayer to the sages becomes a passionate appeal
Sailing to Byzantium

      Once the poet comes out of his physical decides and enters into the holy city of Byzantium, he will take a transformation, changing himself into the golden shape of the mythological Nightingale hammered by the ancient Grecian goldsmith. He wants to be that golden birds who you will weather in to the artifice of eternity, will sit upon the the golden bough, in order to keep the people awakened or conscious. In that way W.B Yeats shell make people realise that a new drown is apply for him which will be highly been technical to them. This is the ultimate ambition of the poet as revealed in the poem.

      The Holy City Byzantium comprises the wealth of treasurers hidden in the classical ancient studies. The city is the abode of eminent sage of humanity. Once the poet thinks himself to comes into direct contact along with the Holy City to enhance the high cultural heritage of life. Byzantium golden city consoles the hearts favours his prayer and purifies his spoiled spirit. It is only by the great teaching and understanding acquired from holy sage of Byzantium, can Ireland be rectified & purified of its present sins and vulgarities.

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