W.B Yeats Enlightenment in Sailing to Byzantium

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      In the poem Sailing to Byzantium the poet compare an aged old or old man to a tattered piece of coat upon a stick. It is because W.B Yeats thinks Ireland no more remains suitable for the old man. This metaphorical expression proves highly appropriate to highlight the present situation of the old man in Ireland. Ireland to W.B Yeats appears no more the abode of goodness and moral concerns whereby no Irish citizen considers pure ways of life. The present condition of Ireland is such that no human being can find hope and faith way of life for themselves. It is a place of distorted morality and old man in modern Irish community appears completely cast away from the main stream of the Irish generation. It is for this reason an old fellow in modern Ireland finds himself detached from present civilization of pump and glory. He appears a tattered piece of cast hung on the top at a stick.

Sailing to Byzantium
Sailing to Byzantium

      In the poem the poet finally offered a situation for the distressed hopeless poor people in Ireland. The Holy City Byzantium promises him the golden means to escapes from the trivialities found in the land. The Holy City contains the rich treasurers hidden in the classical ancient texts. the city is the abode of great sage of humanity. Once the poet thinks himself comes into contact with Byzantium then no more he will feel detached from the high cultural heritage of life. Byzantium golden city consoles he is hearts favours his prayer and purifiers his spoiled soul. It is only through the great teaching and instruction taken from Holy sage of Byzantium, can Ireland be rectified and purified of its present sins and vulgarities. And this is how the poet W.B Yeats things to bring back the ideal sense of culture for the old fellows, as well as the people of Ireland the common masses of the generation.

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