Narrative Technique of the Short Story The Lotus Eater

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      For any author narrative technique plays the most vital role in the text itself. William Somerset Maugham is a modern age writer giving deeply educated in modernism and modernist trend. In his writing we get the essence of one of the most perfect writings of modernist literature. His prose style broadly typified, his idea and opinions regarding modern days depression and greeting of the dream and desires. The Lotus Eater has a unique narrative style, by virtue of which the author tries to make out of the best in his short story.

Unique narrative technique of the lotus eater short story
The Lotus Eater

      As far as the narrative style is concerned then it is clearly found that the author has no where used any sort of thought expression, the meanings to the readers The Lotus Eater, very easily found that the author has almost tried to focus on the philosophy contained which ultimately produces the impression of being a great and big philosophy to perceive. His narrative style used of the sentences, syntax, are so easy to understand that a deep reveal before the audience some of the inherent wisdom of the short story.

      This story is a kind of reflective story and for the reflection, the author has been able to produced hairstyle which is so suited to the theme of the story, that short story has almost become a kind of mini masterpiece to be considered among one of the the classic inherent of tremendous literary piece.

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