Plutarch in the essay Mischief Of The Party Spirit.

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      Plutarch was a celebrated Roman writer also a philosopher, who wrote lives of the ancient Grecians and Roman's.

      Plutarch in the essay told one of the most remarkable true statements regarding political rivalries. According to Plutarch a man should never allow himself to hate even his enemies, because if the person indulge dispassion in any occasion, then that feeling of hatred will automatically rouse the sense of hatred among others.

Plutarch in the mischief of the party spirit
Mischief Of The Party Spirit

      The mention of Plutarch and his statement are extremely relevant in the essay. When Joseph Addison discusses some of the important negative aspect of political rivalries, then he mentions the name of Plutarch. Plutarch clearly reveals his opinion that one person should never encourage the feeling of jealousy and hatred in his mind, rather he warns us against such feelings because if anybody is found indulging in the feelings of hatred then it will automatically spread among the others. Plutarch statement is significant from the perspective of dealing positively with one's own political opponent. Thus the message which Plutarch has delivered here becomes extremely relevant in regard to the central concern of the essay that is the negative mischiefs caused by political parties.

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