What are the Mischief Of Party Spirit mentioned in the essay?

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      The essay Mischief Of Party Spirit has been classed as one of the most fundamental texts on the subject of political rivalries based on the 18th century party politics. 18th century was marked for the immense expansion of party feuds between Whigs and Tories. Influence Party Spirit had an ill effect on the morals and judgements of the people knowledge and learning shuffled violently due to the pernicious effect of narrow party spirit. According to Joseph Addison when the effects of division rage in its full violence it exerts it self in civil war and bloodshed. Due to the enormous influence of party spirit there arises one kind of sophistry practised by all the parties.

Mischief Of Party Spirit has been classed as texts on the subject of political rivalries
Mischief Of Party Spirit

     That sophistry is nothing but taking any scandalous story that has been whispered or invented of a private man for a known, and doubted truth raising suitable speculations. Joseph Addison considered that there should never be a spirit of division among the country man due to the influence of pre judiciary party oriented politics. He thinks that in the country where previous a spirit of division then a person of merit of a different party principal always become the target of attacks from the opposition.

      The biggest damage caused by party spirit arises when in a nation persons of the greatest merit are reduced into shameful errors and work inside a prejudice. Bad effects of party spirit influence meaning honest minds and because of this ill effect a good man of merit is filled with uncharitable and barbarous notions. Whenever in any Nation this kind of party politics takes place, then nothing but only damage and disaster is caused to the nation which hampers mens morality, social consciousness ethics and even private life also. These are the mischief caused by party spirit as discussed in the essay.

      Joseph Addison as an essayist professed doctrine was to enhance the ethics and mores of his contemporary society. Social concern is considered as the central object of Mischief of the Party Spirit. He, says that such a impudent exercise of narrow partisanship will ultimately destroy virtue in once mind and heart. Addison’s answer to this problem is that all honest men should unify into an association irrespective of political learning’s and should stand against the common enemies of virtue, humanity and good sense. Addison’s final concern toward the partisanship does not appear to be convincing. Though he unwillingly involved into a fallacious debate because he himself is advocating a clear breach of social thought on ethical grounds.

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