Discuss the character of Charles Darney.

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      Charles Darney in the novel is one of the protagonist opposite of Sydney Carton. Just as Sydney is a protagonist and prominent character in the novel, so in the same way Charles Darney is. They both are important in matters of thematic background of this historical fiction. But here in this novel Dickens has shown Charles at first as an anti Hero, because Charles had a connection with the Ebremondey family where Marquis belonged to. Charles Darney in the novel is remembered for his goodness and association with the French revolution. However he is a passive character who is condemned for his sin of his ancestors. Charles Darney first appears in the novel at Old Bailey house where he is being accused of treason. Charles twenty-five year old man with sun burnt cheeks and dark eyes, performs an active role in the novel later he turns out to be Charles Evremonday, a French Aristocrat whose family is responsible for immense complexities and mischievous act of cruelty. Though an Evermonday Charles inherited honesty, integrity, compassion and love.
Charles Darnay

      Charles Darney appears to be and idealistic humanitarian as he feels for the poor. His renunciation of his life of luxury for his simple life and his compassion for the oppressed shows his deep love for common human beings. But there are other features of his character which are very unique and different. One such feature is that Charles Darney is a great lover in spite of his association with the revolutionaries of contemporary French, for which Charles performed his role as a spy. But all this complexities could never stopped Charles for maintaining a great loving attitude every tender feeling for Lucie. Sincerely Charles feels for everyone in fact he is the most courageous man just like Sydney Carton bravely faces his trials and imprisonment. In this way Charles Darney appears to be a person who is found always balancing or compromising with every situation occurred in his life. At the same Charles knows very well how to tackle the hard situation and complexities of life. It is thus just like Sydney Carton Charles Darney is presented as an evergreen character whose lovable attitudes, revolutionary concepts and association with the French Revolution all go into the making of this character one of the most immortal fictional characters of English literature.

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