Write a brief note on Historical Novel.

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      The historical Novel is a popular type of Novel and it aims to combine the dramatic interest of plot and character with a more or less detailed picture (varied feature of the life) of a particular age. The historical Novel is definitely not history, it is primary a work of art, in which historical materials or matters are used sometime as a background. These Novel as a particular specimen of literature transmutes historical facts events and characters through the channel of its creative art. It takes the bare facts or situations or the dry bones of history, animates them with the flesh of imagination, and the pulse of sensitiveness, telling a story in a manner that captivates and impresses the readers.


      Among the greatest figures in historical novel the chief name includes Walter Scott famous for 'Ivanhoe', 'Robroy' etc. The next important name Leo Tolstoy who wrote 'War and Peace'. Along with them Victor Hugo and Alexander Dumas are also noted name in the historical genre.

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