Renaissance Effect in English Literature - Edmund Spenser

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      The Renaissance a European phenomenon was operative in the literature of all known European countries in the 16 century. The impact of the Renaissance On the growth of English Literature was immense. There was found the immense widening of human imagination, witnessed in all the branches of literature. A keen interest in the classics was perceived. The influence of the Renaissance brought so many types of literary composition and there was found the introduction of sonnets and other lyrical poems. Renaissance also influenced non-fictional critical prose work in 16 century, as revealed in the work of Bacon, Sidney and others.

The impact of Renaissance On the growth of English Literature was immense.

      But the most potent influence of The Renaissance was witnessed in the spare of drama. The medieval mysteries and moralities come to an end, and there was found the emergency of a new regular humanistic theatre. Under the influence of the classical master's regular tragedies, comedies and historical plays come, in a word the influence of Renaissance reshaped the entire range and shape of English Literature. In this way, Renaissance inspired and expanded the eager and inquisitive spirit of the English nation in the Elizabethan age. It stimulated and sponsored the creative urge in almost every literary sphere - in lyrics Epic poetry, in prose, in drama, in romance etc.

      The Elizabethan age was a unique age of great poets of Surrey Sidney Edmund Spenser and Shakespeare. Among the great Elizabethan poets Spenser who was the first literary figure to bring a great era.

      Spenser's greatness as a literary master lies both in the quantity and the quality of his work. He has to his credit many works of high potentiality. For instance, he wrote, "The Shepherd's Calendar" which contains the twelve "Eclogues" relating to 12 months of the year. He also wrote 'Epithalamion' 'Prothalamion' which are some graceful poetic compositions that celebrate Spenser's love for beauty. he also composed many wonderful sonnets based on the Petrarchan model of Sonnet writing.

      But his greatest contribution to English poetry lies in the fact that he is the author of "The Faerie Queen". An epic based on the heroic deeds of Prince Arthur. Thus Edmund Spenser is a great point of a great age of poetry. His noble idealism imaginative range, fictional art and genuine impulsiveness are all the main marks of great Elizabethan poetry.

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