Write a brief note on the Sonnet of Edmund Spenser

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      Edmund Spenser a great name in elizabethan poetry holds a prominent position as a sonneteer. His sonnet series Amoretti is a very significant landmark in the history of English Sonnet. Amoretti was published in 1595. The book comprises some 89 sonnets, containing the celebration of Spenser's own courtship with elizabethan Boyle whom he married 1594. The theme of the Sonnet - sequence is the conventional one of elizabethan sonnets. It traces a long and pure idealize love, a relation which is establish within souls not body.

Edmund Spenser

      Spenser is a master technician in Sonnet writing. His sonnets are mostly formed of 3 quatrains, alternately rhymed a concluding couplet. Moreover there is found the rhyme used in the last line of every quatrain which goes with the first line of the succeeding quatrains to achieve and effort of melody. The rhyme scheme and structure of Spenserian Sonnet as evident in his sonnets is as follows - a b, a b, first quatrain b c, b c, (second quatrain) c d, c d third quatrain e e (final couplet).

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