What are the essential feature of a Novel?

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      The constituent element or the essential features of a Novel (1) Plot (2) Character (3) Dialogue (4) Time of Action (5) Criticism of Life (6) Place of Action. 

The constituent element or the essential features of a Novel (1) Plot (2) Character (3) Dialogue (4) Time of Action (5) Criticism of Life (6) Place of Action
      Plot: - For any Novel plot is the most essential and fundamental element. Without a proper setting or story element no Novel can be written. In any novel certain events, situations and episodes take place something happens or something is done, some comedy or tragedy takes places, some one suffers, survives, dies, struggles, succeeds. All such incidents and situations make the complete plot of a novel.

      Characters: - In a Novel various events and incidents must have to take place in the life of certain men and women who are essential to form the plot of the novel. Without these men and women no action can preceded. Somebody has to struggle, some persons become the protagonist, someone acts succeeds or dies. All such men and women from the plot are the characters of a novel.

      Dialogue: - The development of the plot of the revelation of characters must be made in a Novel in a particular technical way. In this regard the novelist employs the method of narration, where by the novelist uses or provides dialogues to his characters. Dialogues help the action to grow and the entire plot of the novel is structured and revealed through various dialogues.

      Time of Action: - The plot of the novel is generally built on the basis of a certain time setting. A novel can hardly grow without maintaining a particular time zone every noble tries to portray the period to which the story of the novel belong to. So the time of action for a novel become an essential feature.

      Place of Action: - The place of action form one of the primary features of a novel. Various incidents and situations of a novel certainly place in any particular place - sometime in a remote village as in the novels of Hardy, sometimes in drawing rooms found in the writings of Jane Austen, and some time in the Royal Palace such as in the novels of Walter Scott. This element forms the important feature of the place of action in a novel.

      Criticism of Life: - Novelists criticism of life also become the chief constituent element of a novel. It is something which expresses the author's own view point or philosophy of life. By this time different approaches from various novelists are reflected in their writing. Each Novel delivers some teachings, some ideals, some moral problems associated with human existence. This element of delivering the author's particular philosophy or viewpoints constitutes the criticism of life by the novelist.

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