Write a note on the Plot and Plot Construction.

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     Aristotle in his poetics claims plots as the most important fundamental element or the soul of a tragedy. The plot of a tragedy should be properly arranged, must not be too long or too short. Aristotle points out that there should be a proper magnitude or shape having a beginning, middle and an end. A tragic plot should be complex which involves many crisis and complexities showing the gradual downfall of the tragic hero. The ideal tragic plot shall have to maintain the unity of time, place and action.

Plot Construction

     Aristotle claims plot as the most essential part and looks upon it as the very basic on which the structure as well as the spirit of tragedy rest. He views characters as secondary to the plot in many Greek tragedies as well as Roman tragedies. Supremacy of what is unquestionably accepted but Shakespearean tragedies are exception, where we found the primary importance is shifted to the characters.

      Of course the importance of plot in tragedy is undeniable but still the importance of characters can never be found ignored. In fact there is golden rule about the exact position of plot and character in tragedy. In our final analysis we may say that, a proper inter relation between plot and character is the first necessity of a good play and a success dramatis knows to harmonize those two elements and make them mutually contributory to the growth of each other.

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