The Sun Rising as a Metaphysical Love poem by John Donne.

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     In metaphysical poetry, John Donne is an outstanding name and he is regarded as the leader of metaphysical school of poetry. The novelty of his poetry is marked specifically in his love poems which perfectly balance impulse and intellect. The poem The Sun Rising is a typical metaphysical Love Poem, in the sense that the emotive element of love is seen to have a rare intellectual basis and the poem has well-maintained the intellectual restraint emotional depth and intellectual rationality. The poem contains the characteristics paradox of Donne's metaphysical love poetry. The way in which he challenges the sun and rebuke him with such terms 'old full' 'unruly' 'wretch' highly revealed the metaphysical nature of the poem.

John Donne is regarded as the leader of metaphysical school of poetry.
John Donne

     In this respect the presence of metaphysical consists in this poem is noteworthy. The comparison of the lover and his beloved with the princess is brilliant and in itself used as a fine metaphysical consist. Later on the poets comparison between all the precious things and 'mimic' and 'alchemie' are some of the examples of very unique metaphysical consist. Even the diction of the poem is Donne's metaphysical poetry. His versification is in tune with the singularity of his mood and feeling. The metrical swing is steered not by impulsive urge but regulated by intellectual originality.

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