Treatment of Love in To His Coy Mistress

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      The poem To His Coy Mistress is one of the most beautiful love poem by Andrew Marvell. Here the poet requests his beloved lady to leave her coyness and come forward to enjoy her youthful passion with him. It is a typical love poem, out of love the poet admits that if there were enough space and time, then both the poet and his stress would sit down and think which way to walk to pass their long day of love his lady should find rubies by the side of the Indian Ganges. When the poet said that an hundred years shall go to praise her eyes and gaze on her forehead and almost thirty thousand years will be spent to praise her body parts and the last stage will show her heart.

      In the poem To His Coy Mistress, the poet’s beloved restrain herself from his offering for the amusement of their love owing to her esteemed concepts of modesty. The minstrel flattered his mistress with argumentive reasonable thought of sound that are onwards in a neat righteousness. The initial tire of argument bland with fancies of timeless love toward mistress. The following segment shocks the lovers into the reality that time, youth and beauty are perishable and soon they will be stranded in the abandoned of vast eternity. Thirdly take measures a logical conclusion toward beloved’s dilemma of chastity by establishing a sensual infatuation of affection as the only remedy to conquer the corroding effects of time.

     As there is no limitless time and space provided for them so the poet wants to enjoy the utmost pleasure of life and love. Both of them are young and with a great force the poet and his lady love can open 'the strong iron gates of life'. Thus the poem truly becomes typical Metaphysical Love Poem. All the words utter by the poet are changed with the emotions of love urging his beloved to come out or leave behind her coyness.

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