John Donne's Good Morrow as a Typical Love Poem

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      John Donne stands out in the history of English Literature as one of the greatest figure of metaphysical school of poetry. Of John Donne love poems the Good Morrow maybe regarded as typical Love Poem basis on metaphysical ideas. In the love poem all the noble ideas on love have been discussed with and noble precision. John Donne never elaborates his things in this poem. Again Donne has brilliantly use the technique of metaphysical conceits, such as "Seven Sleepers Den" "Sea Discoverers" "Hemispheres" etc.

      As a Love poem The Good Morrow is just a Masterpiece. Here the basic thing of this poem is love, its depth and devotion. It speaks about the union of two true lovers. Through the entire poem, Donne has his mutual trustful devoted love to his beloved. Love dominates and dictates all their pleasures and pursuit and there oneness, in love victory over the earthly mutability and mortality. Thus Good Morrow with its theme of love basing on a intellectual flavour is a typical metaphysical Love Poem.

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