Discuss Good Morrow as a Metaphysical Love Poem

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     The Good Morrow is a typical metaphysical poemJohn Donne stands out in the history of English Poetry, not merely as the leader of the metaphysical School of Poetry but also as one of the masters of poetic novelists in theme and technique.

      The Metaphysics, prevails the essence of concepts in study; while ‘meta’ means beyond and ‘physics’ represent science of tangible things. Metaphysical poetry predominantly deals with such notions as affection, faith, spirit, mortality and God. The main characteristic of Metaphysical poetry formation: unexpected beginning, controversial manifestation of emotional contents, colloquial native language, striking blend of concern and feeling, an amalgamation of different embodiment, use of intelligence and metaphysical conceits, conversational figurative role and irregular rhythmic norm. John Donne is one of a kind in the poetic realm, who's eloquence in the poem 'The Good Morrow' make the signature mark of metaphysical love poetry.

     First, the very important feature of a metaphysical poem lies essentially in its intellectualism. This is revealed in the poem in Good Morrow. Donne's intellectualism ideas regarding love are found extremely (triumphant) victorious and the poem flashes its unique wit and reflectiveness.

     Secondly, any metaphysical poem consists of consists, where two extremely opposite elements are compared with the profoundly intellectualism penetration. This is evident in Donne's comparison two lovers to two hemispheres, which is very unique metaphysical concept. 

     Thirdly, one of the most prominent features of metaphysical poetry lies in its precision. The Good Morrow maintains noble precision having the virtue of concentration. In the whole poem propriety reach toward the of its proper execution.

     And Finally, Donne's diction as received in Good Morrow is very simple and straightforward. He is metrical swing rhythm and dictions are always found unique in keeping with the high originality of his presentation and imagery, and this is surely a very unique quality of metaphysical lyric poetry.

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