Pride and Prejudice: Chapter 24 - Summary & Analysis

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      Summary: Jane has written to Caroline, and Miss Bingley writes back to say that they are all settled in London for the winter. The letter is full of praise for Miss Darcy, in whose brother’s house Mr. Bingley is staying. Elizabeth points out to Jane that Mr. Bingley’s sisters are trying to influence him to forget Jane. But the latter will not hear any criticism of Caroline and Mrs. Hurst. Elizabeth has been rudely shocked by Charlotte’s acceptance of Mr. Collins and by Bingley’s coldness towards Jane. She says she is greatly dissatisfied with the world, which everyday confirms her belief of the inconsistency of all human character and of the deceptiveness of the appearance of either merit or sense.

      Critical Analysis: The plot takes another bad turn with the definite extension of Bingley’s stay in London. This is the second example of Bingley’s inconstancy, of how “little dependence can be placed on the appearance of either merit or sense”. Wickham becomes more relentless in his criticism of Darcy until he has the entire countryside convinced of Darcy’s vindictive and proud nature. Nevertheless, Elizabeth still fails to see through Darcy’s appearance and it is left to the naive Jane to defend him.

      Thus Elizabeth for all her perception fails in understanding intricate people who stand in a relation of intimacy with her. Hence, she is unable to understand Charlotte’s motive in marrying Collins and also unable to understand Darcy.

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