How did Raju Seduce Rosie in R. K. Narayan The Guide?

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      From the very moment Rosie alighted from the train, Raju had some hidden fascination for her figure. She was seductively very glamorous, and also she had “a figure, a slight and slender one, beautifully fashioned eyes that sparkled, a complexion not white, but dusky which made her only half visible — as if you saw her through a film of tender coconut juice.”

      Raju could very well smell that the domestic life of Rosie with Marco as her, and she was not going with her husband for sight seeing. At this Raju proposed to Marco to persuade Rosie to accompany them. Marco agreed to the proposal. When Raju entered her room, he told her, “All night I didn’t sleep....The way you danced, your form and figure haunted me all night.” At this time her hair was dishevelled. She wanted to decorate herself. But Raju told her in a flattering tone: “Who would decorate a rainbow?” He also whispered close to her face: “Because life is so blank without your presence.” That is why he wanted to take her out.

      Going to the car he told her that they were going to a wonderful spot and that she should be her usual sweet self, for his sake. The woman went on relishing all such remarks. All this shows that Raju, the tourists’ guide, was also an expert lady-killer, bold in paying compliments.

      When Rosie told Raju that she did not agree on most matters with Marco, and that they quarrelled frequently, Raju boldly said: “It is unthinkable that anyone should find it possible to quarrel or argue with you-being with you must be such bliss.” It was a bold thing to say, but Rosie was not angry. Emboldened, Raju spoke out his mind. “I praised her dancing. I spoke out my love, but sandwiched it conveniently between my appreciations of her art. I spoke of her as an artist in one breath, and continued in the next to praise her as a sweetheart.”

      Similarly, Raju said: “You are an honour to your caste, whatever it may be.” She was pleased, and began to confide in him. She gave him an account of her past. In Raju’s company she was excited and thrilled. She enjoyed everything, and dined with him in a crowded restaurant, and Raju told her to buy anything she liked from the store. It seemed that she had never been treated with such consideration. They enjoyed a cinema show also. Rosie was delighted, and her eyes sparkled with joy. When he took her to the hotel it was pretty late in the night. She stood looking at him for a moment and said good night. “May I come in?” Raju asked, trying to look his saddest. “No, no, go away,” She said. But on an impulse Raju gently pushed her out of the way, and stepped in and locked the door on the world. Thus did Rosie become his mistress. This is how Raju seduced Rosie.

University Questions

How did Raju capture Rosie’s heart?
Narrate the method used by Raju to capture Rosie’s heart.
How did Raju seduce Rosie?

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