Dirge: Definition, Examples & Meaning

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      A Dirge is a somber funeral song or lament expressing mourning or grief over death. The noun dirge comes from the Latin dirige, which means ‘direct,’ and is the beginning of a prayer that translates as “Direct my way in your sight, O Lord my God.” Dirge can still have a religious meaning, but it can also be any sad and mournful song, poem, or hymn composed or performed in memory of someone who has died.

      A well known Christian funeral lament from the Clevel and area of north-east Yorkshire is known as the Lyke Wake Dirge. It is well known from its association with the Lyke Wake Walk. This is a 40-mile challenge walk across the moorlands of north-east Yorkshire and the members of the Lyke Wake Club have completed the walk within 24 hours.

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