Pride and Prejudice: Chapter 60 - Summary & Analysis

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      Summary: Elizabeth and Darcy talk about the development of their affection for each other; Elizabeth writes to Mr. Gardiner with the news of her betrothal and Darcy likewise writes to Lady Catherine. Mr. Bennet writes a short note to Mr. Collins telling him to console Lady Catherine as Elizabeth is soon to marry Darcy. Miss Bingley pretends to be pleased at her brother’s engagement and writes thus to Jane, who is not deceived. Miss Darcy is sincerely happy at the match between Elizabeth and her brother and sends Elizabeth a loving letter of welcome. The Collinses suddenly arrive at Lucas Lodge to get away from Lady Catherine until the storm of her wrath at her nephew’s engagement has blown over.

      Critical Analysis: Totally unlike romantic fiction of the present day, Jane Austen has her lovers indulge in long discussions on love and the development of affection for each other. In true Augustan fashion Jane Austen’s characters reason and analyse rather than give in to emotions. A touch of humour is added when the Collinses arrive to escape Lady Catherine’s wrath. Caroline Bingley is as hypocritical as ever.

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