Pride and Prejudice: Chapter 57 - Summary & Analysis

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      Summary: The next morning Elizabeth’s father asks her to come into the library and tells her that he has had a letter from Mr. Collins, who hints that Elizabeth will not be a Bennet much longer. He goes on to say that Lady Catherine does not view the match with a friendly eye. Mr. Bennet is mystified at this communication and amused by it, as he considers Darcy has never looked at Elizabeth in his life. Elizabeth pretends to be uninterested.

      Critical Analysis: Elizabeth, for all her spirited stand against Lady Catherine, is personally confused. She does not know whether Darcy loves her still. She fears too that his “notions of dignity” will make him consider his own dignity and family position, before marrying a girl from a lower class, but neither can she fault him if he does so. Yet she is hurt that even her father can ridicule the idea of Darcy ever loving her.

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