Pride and Prejudice: Chapter 32 - Summary & Analysis

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      Summary: The following morning Elizabeth is sitting alone writing to Jane when, to her surprise, Darcy enters the room. The rest of the party is out, so Elizabeth talks to him about the Bingleys and hears that Mr. Bingley may sell Netherfield. Darcy does not have much to say and he leaves shortly after Charlotte returns. The latter informs Elizabeth of her suspicion that Darcy is in love with her friend from Longbourn. Elizabeth laughs at the idea. After this Darcy comes often to the parsonage, sometimes alone, sometimes with Fitzwilliam. He looks at Elizabeth a great deal but speaks little.

      Critical Analysis: Elizabeth continues to be blind to the best qualities of Darcy; he, in turn, is obviously falling in love with her. Even Charlotte begins to note that Darcy is attached to Elizabeth. In fact, it becomes quite apparent except to Elizabeth. The main clue to his turn of feelings is his sudden outburst, “You can’t have been always at Longbourn”. That is, in his view, she impresses him as possessing an incredibly fine nature, for all the limitations of her rural upbringing. It is through Colonel Fitzwilliam that Elizabeth is, gradually getting her perspective about Wickham into better focus.

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