Poetics: Chapter 12 - Full Text

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The Quantitative parts of Tragedy

      The parts of Tragedy to be treated as formative elements in their whole were mentioned in a previous chapter. From the point of view, however, of its quantity, i.e., the separate sections into which it is divided, a tragedy has the following parts: Prologue, Episode, Exode and a Choral portion, distinguished into parade and Stasimon these two are common to all tragedies, where as songs from the stage and Commos are only found in some. The Prologue is all that comes in between two whole choral songs; Exode all that follows after the last choral song. In choral portion, the Parode is the whole first statement of the chorus; a Stasimon, a song of the chorus without anapaests and troches; a common a lamentation sung by chorus and an actor in concert. The parts of Tragedy to be used as formative elements in the whole we have already mentioned; the above are its parts from the point of view of its quantity, or the separate sections into which it is divided.

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