Wuthering Heights: Chapter 25 - Summary & Analysis

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      As promised, Edgar writes to Linton, inviting him to visit Catherine at the Grange. However, Linton replies that he is not allowed to call at the Grange. He begs Edgar to allow Cathy to meet him on the moor and says he would have no objection, if Edgar himself accompanies her. He also tries to reassure Edgar by writing that he is not like his father, Heathcliff.

      Edgar's health is steadily deteriorating and hence he is concerned about Cathy's future. Linton is heir to the estate and therefore Edgar believes that Catherine's hope of security lies in marriage to Linton. At last, therefore, he reluctantly agrees to allow the two to meet on the moors once a week to walk or to ride together under Nelly's surveillance. 

Critical Analysis

      Edgar, we see, is in a helpless situation. A good and well-meaning man, he is no match for the evil scheming of Heathcliff. Though he recognizes too well, Heathcliff's character, he can do nothing in the face of his daughter's preference for Linton. Coupled with his ill-health, his wish to see Cathy settled, leads him to allow the two to meet.

      The story is now coming to an end as we realize that Nelly is narrating events that happened less than a year previously. This is evident too, in the change in the tense. Nelly is addressing Lockwood now, in the present.

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