Tess of the d'Urbervilles: Chapter 47 - Summary

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      At Flintcomb-Ash farm, winnowing was going on. It was the month of March. The morning time symbolized nothing. In the East horizon was not to be seen. There was a big heap of bushels. Izz Huett and Tess came to the farm. There was a big machine standing near. The engine had a big chimney. The driver stood near the Engine. He was lean and thin, a black fellow, as though he belonged to the dreamland. Nearby there was a heap of coal. This driver was a misfit in the world of corn and agriculture. It appeared as though he came from Toffet. Seeing him, the workers on the farm were greatly surprised.

      There here was correspondence between his physical appearance and emotional life. He was in the world of agriculture, but he was not a part of it. He was the servant of smoke and fire. The people on the farm were the worshippers of plants, trees, the Sun and the weather. He used to go from one farm to another farm. He did not talk to people. He gave more attention to his machine, as though he was traveling on the earth as an agent of the ruler of Hades. His relationship with agriculture was only with his engine. When the farm servants were opening the bushels, he stood near his machine. He had no connection with manual labor. The wind was blowing, warm blackness was present all around. Shortly he was to drive his machine quite fast. He was engineer.

      The Sun rose and the work on the farm began. Tess stood near the machine, because she alone could work ceaselessly and swiftly. The machine was working with great speed. Tess had no time either to talk or to rest. Therefore the work was not in accordance with the choice of Tess.

      In the meanwhile, a man with a tweed suit came there. The other women who were working there, could understand that he was the lover of Tess. Alec d’Urberville, began to discuss with him. His tone had power and cupidity. But he showed violence. Alec showed more disobedience than Tess. Getting hold of her shoulders said Alec, “I have been your master once. I want to be your master again. I am just going, but I shall come to you after some time. Tess was again busy with the work. The people working under him began to work after eating.”

      The Machine again started working. Tess stood near the machine and; threw corn in it.

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