Tess of the d'Urbervilles: Chapter 42 - Summary

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      The daylight had spread far and wide. Tess came out on the road from the farm. But there was no need for caution. There was not a soul to be seen. Tess went onward. She was drawing similarity between the  suffering of the birds and her own misfortune.

      She reached Chalk Newton Village. She took her breakfast there. The young men began to tease her on account of her beauty. She tied a handkerchief and shaved her eyebrows. Now she was ugly. She was pitying her ugliness. She was going onward. She was an integral part of nature. She was wearing torn clothes. The next day the weather was miserable. But she went onward slowly. She was in search of some employment. The next day she reached a hill. Here the wind was cold and dry. Then she reached the farm where Marian used to work. Marian asked Tess her welfare. Her behavior was completely satisfactory. Marian introduced Tess to the owner of the farm. Tess got soon a job for the winter. She signed the agreement. After getting employment, she searched for a house to live in. She rented the same house where she had come first for the same amount of money. The same night she wrote a letter to her parents, wherein she wrote her new address. She also requested that if they received any letter for her, it might be directed to her new address.

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