Tess of the d'Urbervilles: Chapter 30 - Summary

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      The wagon was full of big cans containing milk. Angel and Tess were both going toward the station. The way was through Egdon Heath, being lonely they kept silence. It was drizzling, and the Sun was setting. Darkness was gradually descending on the earth. Both of them were talking while riding the wagon. There was a dim lamp at a distance. It was station. It was quite close to Talbothays dairy. Reaching the station they stopped the wagon. A train entered the platform with perfect silence. Milk was loaded on the train. Angel and Tess returned at the night time. While returning they were thinking that milk would go to London. People would drink it there. After sometime Angel repeated his proposal of marriage.

      Tess said, “If I would tell you my past history, you would begin to hate me.” Angel requested her to relate the story. Tess narrated her story in this way, “I was born in Marlott. I spent my childhood there. I left the school after the sixth standard. My teachers used to say that I was intelligent girl, and that I could be good teacher. But I could not continue my studies. This is my story”.

      Angel said, “No, please tell me your whole story.” Tess said, “I am not Durbeyfield but I am d’Urberville. It is the same family which was quite popular in ancient England.” Angel was quite happy to hear this. She was to say something more, but she had no courage. She was afraid. She had more self-preservation than frankness.

      Hearing this, Angel said, “What harm is there in belonging to a big family. I like common families. But you must call yourself d’Urberville.”

      Tess was quite uneasy to hear this name. Angel asked, “Are you ready to marry me.” Tess agreed to this proposal. This was the beginning of their love. But Tess began to weep bitterly. On this happy occasion, weeping was a bit out of place. Angel asked her the cause of weeping. She could say nothing. Both of them were coming to the dairy in the darkness of the night. The tendency of pleasure is immanent in the universe. Both of them could marry because of the spirit of happiness entered their lives.

      Tess asked Angel, “I want to write a letter about the proposal of marriage.” Angel expressed his agreement.

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