These Carols: Poem by Walt Whitman - Summary & Analysis

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These carols sung to cheer my passage through the world I see
For completion I dedicate to the Invisible World.


      Summary. The poem, These Carols consists of just two lines. The poet wants these two lines to be used as a dedicatory of piece introducing his poems. Carols are poems or songs of joy, praise and devotion.

      The poet says that he has composed many poems to cheer himself up in the course of his life in this world which he sees. But he believes that he will pass over to another world after death.

      That world is invisible. His mission will be complete only in that other world. For the sake of completion and successful accomplishment of the journey undertaken, he is dedicating his carols to the “Invisible World”.

      Critical Analysis. Walt Whitman believes in the immortality of the soul. Even as he enjoys the pleasures of this world he is not oblivious of the other world where he has to pass on, like everyone else in this world. His poems are mere songs of joy and praise. But without them he could not have brought cheer to his life in this world as a prelude to his passing over to the Invisible World.

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