Tess of the d'Urbervilles: Chapter 7 - Summary

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      The day Tess was to go, she awoke early in the morning. She prepared her luggage in the upper room. The mother helped her to be ready. She stood before the mirror and checked her dress. Durbeyfield who was in the room below was also helping her. The mother was ready to see her off at some distance. Children of the family also accompanied her to some distance. Tess bade good-bye to the father with choking throat. The father blessed her new venture. At the time of farewell, Tess’s eyes were full of tears, and her voice was sinking. She did not say a word and went away. The mother and the children went with her for some distance, from Trantridge she had to travel by a carriage. Shaston was quite visible from there. Tess left the place alone. Then she boarded a carriage. She saw two vehicles one of which was a beautiful horse-carriage. The other carriage had the same person about whom the mother was thinking that he would marry Tess. He came down and said to Tess “Please come in.” Tess was seeing her brothers and sisters. When the idea that she had killed the horse crossed her mind, she entered the carriage and sat beside the man. He began to drive the carriage. After some time her carriage passed the carriage in front of it. Hence her family members were out of sight. The children felt quite miserable. Mrs. Durbeyfield’s eyes too were full of tears. The mother had deep grief in her heart. She wanted to know if the man with whom Tess was driving was really a good and virtuous man.

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